Ellie Bass

Ellie Bass

Session TitleListening, Tracking and Shaping - How Movement Informs Our Relationships

Ellie Bass is passionately pursuing ways to use her training, gifts and experiences to help others create a life that focuses on growth and healing. She is a Jewish educator, a certified personal and wellness coach as well as a meditation teacher and practitioner for over 20 years. Ellie is the Director of The Jewish Family Institute and, along with working with clients directly, she teaches ongoing weekly self-development classes through a Jewish lens with a devoted following. She is a dedicated community organizer and advocate, a Joshua Institute fellow, and the co-host of three popular podcasts “Pop Parenting” “The Love Examined Playlist” and “Remember What’s Next”. Ellie lives in Toronto, Canada, she is an idea, hope, meaning and manifestation artist, a practicing convert to Orthodox Judaism, and a mom to her two amazing teens.

Session Title: Listening, Tracking and Shaping – How Movement Informs Our Relationships



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