Dalia Brunschwig

Dalia Brunschwig

Session TitleConnecting Torah to Health in today's generation

Dalia Dalia Brunschwig is a Certified Nutrition Health Coach, helping Jewish women lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle with sustainable results taking into consideration the Jewish beautiful traditions and our busy lives. Dalia’s mission, with all of the work that she does, is to help be the voice of reason to balance nutrition and life – the Jewish way! and show you that making real food work for real life is not as complicated as it seems. With the help of her programs and challenges, she has created awesome virtual communities that empower women to stay accountable and be real to themselves with self-acceptance and awareness in a judgement-free space BH.

Session Title: Connecting Torah to Health in today’s generation
The connection between the Physical and Spiritual food and it’s effect on our body & neshama. Our body as a vessel; taking care of ourselves in order to serve H”shem based on Rambam’s teaching and Certified nutrition health coach expertise.

As a “freebie” 10 Superfoods for longevity – fullyinbalance.com/superfoods

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