Ayelet Elnecave

Ayelet Elnecave

Session TitleChumash Like a Boss

Ayelet Elnecave grew up in Iowa and graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University majoring in Jewish Studies. She taught English in Mexico for three years before making Aliyah in 2010. She lives in Jerusalem and teaches at Neve Yerushalayim.

Session Title: Chumash Like a Boss

Chumash, the five books of Moshe, is the central text in Jewish life. Yet the way we usually learn it, it’s easy to lose the forest for the trees and sometimes the basics just never get explained. In this class we are going cover the ENTIRE Chumash, all five books, connecting the dots, giving themes and context as well as answering the questions you may have not even known you had. What’s the difference between oral and written Torah? Why is it written like this? Where do the book names come from? How long did the story take? Why does the number 40 come up sooo often? We won’t get to everything (although I do talk fast), but the goal is to give you an overview which can empower you to know Chumash Like a Boss.


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