Alter Deitsch

Alter Deitsch

Session TitleOne step in front of the other

My name is Alter Deitsch, I am currently involved in two projects: Sababa Music Festival, and TorahVR. At Sababa, we gather Jews together for an epic weekend of Music, Art, Shabbos, connection, real bridge building between communities and relationships that last forever. We’ve been doing it for seven years, and thousands of people’s lives have been touched and inspired. ToraVR is working to digitize the Torah. Our first project is an interactive game where the players learns all 613 Mitzvos by doing them themselves in Virtual Reality. You don’t just learn about how the Menorah is lit in the Beis Hamikdash, but you yourself light it! And it’s gamified, so if you get it right you move forward, if you get it wrong you play again till we are all masters of the Mitzvos!

Session Title: One step in front of the other
How does someone start an epic project? It’s so big!!!
You put one foot in front of the other.

You enjoy playing guitar? Learn the first 4 chords. That’s going well? Learn some songs. You have some music or ideas to share? Write a song. You want to share it? Get it recorded. Weather you sped $5,000 and do it professionally, or record on your phone and share on social media, take the step – put your foot in front of the other.

Don’t worry about getting to the top of the mountain, just take the next step.

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