Adam Betzalel Hernandez

Adam Betzalel Hernandez

Session TitlePainting G-d's Garden

“Hello! My name is Adam Betzalel Hernandez and I am humbled to meet you in this sacred space. My journey as an artist unfolded from a deep drive to express my perception and knowledge of the Divine. As this understanding continues to evolve, so does my art. I am passionate about Sacred Language, fractals, calligraphy and their geometric relationship with the universe. As a Chassidic Jew my spiritual development has always been a unified path with my artistic development. Growing up in one of the most artistic environments in Mexico, nurtured my artistic side and spiritual exploration. One of my favorite ways to create art and to see my skills develop to new levels is to work with the client in a co-creative endeavor where I take your intention for an art piece and expand that idea into a composition. This becomes a journey we go on together, identifying the energy you want to call in to as well as emanate in your home. I am a lover of wellness and consciousness expansion. I also facilitate breathwork and teach yoga at my home in New York where I live with my wife.”

Session Title: Painting G-d’s Garden
A deep dive into the process of creating art through connecting and contemplating Divine consciousness


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